Do-in is a physical practice with it roots in the East and is based on stretching the meridian. It is also called ‘Taoist Yoga’. Do-In works with Ki (life energy), just like shiatsu and acupuncture. Through exercises and poses you will get familiar with the meridians.
Do can be translated as the way of nature. In as to follow the flow.
You will learn in a simple way to listen to your body and to re-establish balance into your life.
To practice these exercises daily, in an extended way or reduced to 6 stretches, will give a profound insight in how you feel. You will feel fit and free.

Do-In is for everyone. It is a group class. In my shiatsu treatment I often offer supportive exercises that find their origin in Do-In and Chi-Kung (the practice of Ki).

For people who recover of illness I offer special classes, Restorative Do-In (see classes). A Restorative Do-In is an individual class customized for your needs.

Together we will set up a schedule of exercises, completely focussed on your needs. We will make at least 2 new appointments. You will treat yourself, so to say. In the East they say: ‘you can hand out the swords, you will fight the fight.’

Do-In has a healing outcome and will keep body and spirit healthy and flexible.

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